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Arizona Culture Cup

There will be activities going on throughout each day for General Admission; Basketball, Pool Games, along with the activities that are available on property such as Jenga and Corn hole. Vendors will be set up in the grass or sponsoring some of these activities. A dab bar will be set up for GA to take full advantage of there will be a few electronic rigs to utilize or you are more than welcome to bring your favorite travel rig!!
Who better to judge a category than the makers themselves? All samples will be broken up in to judge kits as a blind test in identical jars and given to each competitor on the first day upon arrival. The judges will spend the next day and a half sampling everything and judging on an online platform.
We will be using the same categories as The Smoking Jacket competition (with permission of course) the way that they had judging was, in our opinion, ideal. 



Dab Bar Sponsored By

Providing us with AWARD WINNING Live Hash Rosin...

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